Judith is a Visionary,  Inspirational Writer,  Pyramid Crystalline Grid Activator and Soul Empowerment Consultant. She is a remarkable and awe-inspiring woman, who has the ability to tap into the cosmic Super-consciousness fields and to bring forth the Ancient Cosmic knowledge. She offers soul and twin flame readings for people from all over the globe.  Her first book "Soul Empowerment" has reached bestseller status in three categories on Amazon.  She has taken it upon her own soul to delve deeper and more profoundly into the higher meaning of life and the soul itself. Her inspirational writing has touched the hearts of people from all over the world. She has been interviewed on "The Voice America, "Nurturing the Spiritual Spelunker" 3 times, a media interview in the E-magazine, Aneis Derida, the TV Blog “Reawaken your Brilliance Show” twice by Julie Seibert, and has been invited onto the following radio talk shows: “The I AM Radio Talk show”; “Raising Vibration Talk show” and “The Bob Charles Show” "The Divine Twin Fire Radio Show" and has appeared 4 times in the "Heart Talks Show" in the USA. In August/September 2016 she gave 7 very successful seminars in France, attended by 30 people from 11 countries. 

Soul Reading

The Soul Records of every single soul incarnated at this time on the planet are kept in a massive Super-conscious field Library. Judith is able to tap into these records, and give you your soul name, your soul group name, your galaxy of origin, your tonal chord and soul colors. Other information given includes your soul mission and purpose, in other words why you have incarnated onto this planet at this time.

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Content and Forums

Within these pages you will find my writings which I share in my blog, videos, and MP3 downloads of meditations, etc. For those of you who love to meet like-minded souls who have had soul readings from me or read my books/blogs etc. there are FORUMS where you can connect and chat. I welcome you as a treasured member of my ever growing global family.

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We are in truth souls inhabiting a physical form for a very short period of time. You are thus SOUL, first and foremost. Your soul is eternally alive, and is functioning on many levels, dimensions and bodies, and has done this since your soul was first created, along with other souls who belong to your soul group. This book gives you detailed information on what soul is, where it comes from, on soul groups, on incarnations on this planet etc.

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