Higher Healing Sessions


The two Higher Healing Sessions, are geared to assist you to heal on a very deep and profound soul level.

Session 1: The Releasing of all Past and Present Lifes' vows, contracts, pacts, oaths, agreements etc. which are still keeping you bound to certain souls lifetime after lifetimes. Every time you make a vow, or sign a contract, and angels are assigned to assist you to keep this vow or contract. The vows, etc. need to be revoked, and the angels dismissed, and all symbols, such as rings, begging bowls, etc. need to be handed over. It also releases emotional baggage, as well as clears out the sexual area of all the hooks, cords, and energetic attachments there, which often cause dis-ease in the body.

I have done this meditation so many times with my students, and with those who have booked these sessions, and every time they are astounded at who appears and who stand up and shows themselves to them - most often souls they never expected to see. Once released and the emotional baggage cleared, the sexual area cleansed, it is as if the souls light up from deep within and a huge weight has been lifted off them.

Session 2: Very Deep Cosmic Cleansing and Clearing Meditation: This is a very powerful session, where I in the past have removed control boxes from Atlantis, karmic ties, ancestral lineages clearing, energy field clearing, clearing of all negative entities and whatever else, as well as karma. This truly cleanses and clears at a very deep level and brings in very deep level releases, of that which often is so deep-seated that we cannot access this on our own.

The 2 sessions are spread over two weeks, last for one hour and are done via Skype.

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