Higher Healing Webinars

The White Flame of Illumination

Webinar:  Saturday, 7 November 2023

Since my higher awakening I have been asked to work intensely with the Pure White Flame, the Divine Feminine Flame, since 2008, and it has become a journey of the deepest remembering in itself.

I vividly saw myself as High Priestess of the Temple of the White Flame and Keeper of the White Flame in Atlantis, and with the Fall of Atlantis, safeguarding the White Flame as held in the at temple at that time, and with the assistance of the Thoth, and Serapis Bey and the Intergalactic Fleet that this flame was removed for safekeeping to Andromeda until the New Earth would be fully born, as is happening now and the New Golden Age.  (My soul comes from Andromeda).

Serapis Bey, then took a fraction of the White Flame back to his etheric retreat over Luxor in Egypt, and has been worked with it since then, as a highly illumined Ascended Master.

During this webinar I will go more deeply into the White Flame, its history and function as well as Archangel Gabriel’s role in this, Serapis Bey, as well as the High Counsel of the White Flame which works on Universal Levels. 

The webinar includes visualization/activation.

Please note that I have my courses on “The White Flame” as well and these extend into five Levels.

When?   Saturday 14 October 2023

How?  Via Zoom, and the session is recorded.

Time?  6 pm South African Time (Please use the Time converter to establish your own local time).

Duration:  1 to 2 hours.

Registration Fee:  $100.00 U.S. Dollars  

Please book early as space is limited.




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