Higher Healing Webinars

Sacred Higher Healing with the White Flame: -

A Deep Cosmic Higher Healing Session


As we are going through a very deep and profound transmutation, transfiguration, we are being asked to dig deeper into our subconscious healing as well. So much is so deeply buried, that we cannot consciously re-member it.   The White Flame is able to penetrate very deeply into our deepest self, so that all can now be brought into healing, balance, harmony and unity once more, within and without.

 As we heal, we are doing immense highest loving service work for the collective.

I have not done a Higher Healing for more than a year, and I feel deeply guided to work intensely with you on multiple levels:

Cosmic Higher Healing Session, which is one of the most powerful methods I have ever come across.

White Flame Higher Healing:  physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and all 12 body healing.

Even if you do not think you need healing, this session will bring to the surface what needs to still be left behind, dissolved, and indeed transfigured within you.

When?   Saturday, 17 December 2022

How?  Zoom

Time?  18h00 (6 pm) South African Time

Registration Fee?  $100.00 for approximately 2 hours. 

When you register the Zoom link will be sent to you.   


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