Higher Healing Webinars

Interconnectedness and Multi-dimensionality.

During this webinar, I will share my own experiences with you, and what has happened to me, in April 2022, when I was called upon to do the massive energy clearing and energetic activations.

I will share my insights, my visions and what I have experienced as far as the New Earth interconnectness between all species, and in my telepathic conversions with the Elephants and Lions, and other species.  This includes the Guardians and Keepers, the Ancient Ones, the Intergalactic Fleet and High Counsels as well as the Divine Source.  It was quite amazing how the birds, the trees, the earth and animals, all worked together with me, and this is indeed the new way of life.

More than this, I will share what I experienced about and around multi-dimensionality - for the energy work opened all of this up for humanity, so that all of us can now fully embrace our Divinity and Live this, within and without.

Included is a meditation, which will activate yoru own soul's deepest remembrance and the keys and codes within.


Please book early, as space is limited.

When:  Saturday 28 May 2022

Where:  Zoom

Time:   6 pm South African Time.

Duration: +- 2 hours.

Fee:  $100.00 U.S. Dollars

On registration you will receive a confirmation email and the Zoom link.

The Webinar is recorded and you will receive a copy of the recording.


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