Higher Healing Webinars

The Crystal Pyramids, the Crystalline Energy Grids,  Crystalline Pyramid Power in the New Earth Webinar.

During this webinar I will share my own journeys of discoveries, the untold history of the Earth and the ancient Civilizations and all which pertains to the Crystal Pyramids, the Crystalline Energy Grids and the Pyramid Power, and how this is all now plugged into the New Earth and the New Crystalline Energy Grids, as the New Golden Age is rising.


  1.  The Original Crystalline Energy Grids of the Earth, and the Crystal Pyramids, Elysium, Lion Kingdom, Avalon, Mu and Lemuria, Atlantis.
  2. Crystal Energy plus Liquid Crystal Tubes and Crystal Healing Centers.
  3. The Floods.
  4. Reactivation and the switching into the New Earth Crystalline Energy Grids.
  5. Pyramid Power in the New Earth.
  6. The Super Quantum Consciousness Crystalline Energy Fields.
  7. The Cosmic Crystalline Energy Grids, inclusive of Solar, Galactic and Universal.
  8. Closing tuning in Meditation.

When?  Saturday, 8 October 2022

Time?  6 pm South African Time (use time Zone converter to establish your own time)

Duration :  +-  2 hours.

Registration Fee?  $100.00 U.S. Dollars


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