Higher Healing Webinars

The Sacred Heart Tones: The Soul Star

The Soul Star, which when fully activated is situated about 15 cm above the head, is vital to the full activation of the new lightbody form for the

New Earth.  

The Soul Star links directly to the Heart Center, and it is through the Soul Star that we can access the Soul Knowledge, gathered through all 

lifetimes and soul existences, in this galaxy and all other galaxies and star systems and parrallel lives and Universes.

The Soul Star has its own sacred tone.

Your Soul itself has its own Sacred Chord or tone and they work in the tandem. 

More than this, the Soul Star links directly to the Divine Feminine, as does the Heart Center. 

In the Heart Toning webinars I have given you the tones for the Heart and Third Eye and Crown Connection.  We will now expand this

to include the Soul Star and Stellar Gateway.  

More than this, we will work with the Spinal Column as well, and tone this in as well, as the Spinal Column acts like a tuning fork.

Our etheric new Spinal Columns are forming already. 

Please note that space is limited, so please book early to avoid disappointment. 


When?  Saturday, 13 March 2021.

Time?  6 PM South African Time.

How?  Via Zoom.  (When you have registered the link will be sent to you).

Cost? 100$

Duration: + - 2 hours.





Availability: In Stock