Higher Healing Webinars


Activating and working with the 12 Chakra System and activation of the Higher Transmitter Channels.


In this webinar we will activate the 5th to 7th dimensional 12 Chakra system and thus open the higher Transmitter Channels.


During the time of Golden Atlantis, and the civilizations before Atlantis, humanity had 12 chakras fully opened.  With the Fall of Atlantis, when humanity sunk into the seas of forgetfulness 5 of the chakras were shut down, as humanity could not hold the frequency of the 5th to 7th dimensional state anymore.  The 12 chakras are now open and can be activated and when they are activated, the Higher Transmitter channels open, which bring an expanded opening of the Psychic Abilities, Channeling and Transmitting abilities, as the Stellar Gateway and Soul Star Chakras act as Satellite communication systems linking us to our Galactic Soul Parts and as well as our own Universal Divine Heritage and full embodiment of Divinity. 


* Information on the 12 Chakras and the Extended Function of each chakra. 

* Activation of the 12 Chakras.

* The Higher Transmitter Channels.  

* Working with the expanded chakra system.

*  Meditation to activate the chakras. 


When?  Saturday, 4 July 2020 

Where?  Zoom, the link will be given once you have registered.

Time?   6 pm South African Time.

Cost?  $100.00 for a +- 2 hours session.  This includes a recording of the session plus notes. 

Please have a pen and paper ready as you will need to make notes for yourself and do some exercises.

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