Higher Healing Webinars


The Power of Love

The Power of Love is the greatest of all Powers.  There is no other Divine Power greater than this.

When we finally learn to love ourselves, totally, unconditionally, and open our heart Rose, our Heart Center, we radiate forth and literally become the Love which changes and heals, not only ourselves, but indeed all whom we encounter.

There pours over into the Sphere of Loving Relationships.  For in truth the most intimate of all relationships is firstly that with ourselves, and the Divine Source. When the Power of Unconditional Love fills us, we can finally love another, to the degree that we love ourselves.  

The Power of Love goes hand in the hand with the Power of Loving Grace. 

We are stepping in the Age of Love and the infinite Gospel of Love is not being returned to humanity for those who are ready to walk the Higher Path of the Source Self, filled with the Divine Love.

In this seminars I will bring about a deep heart-opening, and with it the Blessings of the Power of Love.

When?  Saturday, 12 September 2020 

Where?  Zoom, the link will be given once you have registered.

Time?   6 pm South African Time.

Cost?  $100.00 for a +- 2 hours session.  This includes a recording of the session. Please have a pen and paper ready if you wish to take notes.

Note:  Space is limited, please book early to avoid disappointment.

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