You are first and foremost a soul who has taken on a physical form during this incarnation on Planet Earth. Your soul is infinite and therefore has immense talents, abilities, and knowledge accumulated from many thousands of lifetimes, in many dimensions and in many forms of life all over the cosmos.

My soul readings put you in touch with your own soul. I give you your soul name, your soul group name, your galaxy of origin, your tonal chord and soul colours.  It will give your soul purpose, talents, gifts and abilities.

When we are born onto this planet, we slip into forgetfulness forget why we are here and often feel a deep void, or have a feeling that there must be more to life than just this. Some feel just lost, and some would just love to know more and empower themselves on all levels by living their highest soul purpose. My soul reading will answer that and more.

I do these in writing as such a wealth of information comes through which your will need to digest and read through time and again.  I get feedback from all over the world daily about how these readings have positively impacted on people's lives in many ways.  I do NOT use Skype.

The Twinflame soul readings are very popular and concentrate more on relationships and if the Divine Other is your twinflame or not. Often patterns were created over many lifetime which have not always served our higher soul growth and good. My readings will identify those and assist you with creating new and more loving patterns which will create greater love and insight into your life and relationships.  

The SOUL readings are about you - why you are are here, your soul purpose, and mission and specific talents, abilities etc. that you anchor into this planet.

The Birthday Soul Readings are only for those who have a birthday in the months as specified.  The Follow up readings are for those who already have had a reading with me and wish to have another one. Soul Reading Consultations are for those who already have had a reading with me to clarify and answers questions pertaining to the reading.

Note: I do not channel, I am not a psychic, nor a medium,  nor use astrology, or numerology or any such-like tools.

I tap into the Super-consciousness field and TRANSMIT the soul records held at the Divine Source.

I do them in writing and they are one hour sessions each.

Please note:  Due to increased demand for Soul and Twin Flame Soul Readings I am fully booked at least six to ten weeks to three months in advance. (This depending on the demand).

Therefore please note that there is waiting list and I schedule in the readings as I receive the bookings. 

 Please note: - These readings are NOT refundable.  It is your own free will and choice to have one.   

Here are some testimonials with regard to my Soul Readings and Twin Flame Readings:


It took me two days calming down myself, and thinking how to put the words together and give to you my feedback. With our own subconscious and intuition, and with general information from other light workers or energy healers in the past, your soul readings are highly consist with what we perceived ourselves, and make so much sense on observations, regards to personalities, personal values, behaviors, merit or shortness, to each other as a soulmate couple in the daily life. I kept crying from the beginning to the end when I read my soul-reading information; it's profoundly moved me and it 'explained' many things about me in the current life. I spent the rest of day to calm down and meditate. It even seems magically reduced the stomach pain I recently suffered. About my husband reading, I read through with tears as well. I have already had a deep understanding about him from the daily life, and with your reading, it absolutely enhanced my understanding to him and explained deeper about who he is and why he behaves like this or that. I will get his feedback from him later. G.

 .  Judith....oh my goodness. I just got the soul reading from you today.

I just don't know how to express it....but I'm amazing shocked and surprised. You just told me that...what I actually felt deep inside me, but didn't know how to express it. The deep longing for something I knew there is, but couldn't quite find myself. 
I had readings before, even few times from the person I value a lot, and gave me possibilities, but I have never felt so deep resonance how I feel after your reading. It was like an awaking for me.
Being a volunteer, Rainbow and love colors, it's nice to learn that.
Hmmm....just goosebumps everywhere.
And this somebody who also works with colors by screenplays and designing singer's's so fantastic as I love screenwrting myself. 
It's just amazing Judith how your reading expressed so well what I have always felt just helped me awake.
I just have to sink with all of this...and think how to allow all of it to come to me in a special way.
Im am truly amazed Judith.
Dorota Luiza Rogała

Judith's blog about Twin Flames and the spirituality of sex really spoke to me....her writing style is very similar to mine and I immediately recognized her as a Communicator (spirit-writer or channel). Her Soul / Twin Flame reading confirmed and fleshed out what I already knew and / or suspected and added a lot of depth to it. Judith is exceptionally gifted and is able to channel profound truth in her readings. If you are serious about getting to know your true self, Judith can help in ways you cannot currently comprehend.  (Chris Hinnes)

I've lived in multiple states in the USA and multiple cities. As I walk my path I bump across those like-minded souls periodically. And I want to write to share that your name has come up over the past two years and especially in the past 8 months many times. All in great comments of the high value and respect people have for u and your readings. Hugs. Zack Covell -



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