You are first and foremost a soul who has taken on a physical form during this incarnation on Planet Earth. Your soul is infinite and therefore has immense talents, abilities, and knowledge accumulated from many thousands of lifetimes, in many dimensions and in many forms of life all over the cosmos.

My soul readings put you in touch with your own soul. I give you your soul name, your soul group name, your galaxy of origin, your tonal chord and soul colours.  It will give your soul purpose, talents, gifts and abilities.

When we are born onto this planet, we slip into forgetfulness forget why we are here and often feel a deep void, or have a feeling that there must be more to life than just this. Some feel just lost, and some would just love to know more and empower themselves on all levels by living their highest soul purpose. My soul reading will answer that and more.

I do these in writing as such a wealth of information comes through which your will need to digest and read through time and again.  I get feedback from all over the world daily about how these readings have positively impacted on people's lives in many ways.  I do NOT use Skype.

The Twinflame soul readings are very popular and concentrate more on relationships and if the Divine Other is your twinflame or not. Often patterns were created over many lifetime which have not always served our higher soul growth and good. My readings will identify those and assist you with creating new and more loving patterns which will create greater love and insight into your life and relationships.  

The SOUL readings are about you - why you are are here, your soul purpose, and mission and specific talents, abilities etc. that you anchor into this planet.

The Birthday Soul Readings are only for those who have a birthday in the months as specified.  The Follow up readings are for those who already have had a reading with me and wish to have another one. Soul Reading Consultations are for those who already have had a reading with me to clarify and answers questions pertaining to the reading.

Note: I do not channel, I am not a psychic, nor a medium,  nor use astrology, or numerology or any such-like tools.

I tap into the Super-consciousness field and TRANSMIT the soul records held at the Divine Source.

I do them in writing and they are one hour sessions each.

Please note:  Due to increased demand for Soul and Twin Flame Soul Readings I am fully booked at least six to ten weeks to three months in advance. (This depending on the demand).

Therefore please note that there is waiting list and I schedule in the readings as I receive the bookings. 

 Please note: - These readings are NOT refundable.  It is your own free will and choice to have one.   

Here are some testimonials with regard to my Soul Readings and Twin Flame Readings:



i spent several weeks in sedona
and your soul reading helped trigger
memories and soul code.

thank you again for that, it was a
beautiful gift 

Todd Medina, SoulologyI 

Hi Judith! I received a reading from you in July and was blown away by the accuracy and information I received. I was so excited and intrigued when I received it that it took me a while to process the information. While I've attempted readings by clearly gifted individuals most people cannot accurately read my energy so this reading is truly a blessing and I am just so grateful. What a wonderful gift it is to see and to be seen. As I found myself rereading it again and more often as of late I felt the urge to reach out and acknowledge you for your immense light. I am truly inspired by your gifts and the light that you bring to this world. As I continue to expand on this journey of meeting and integrating my higher self I hope to offer others the joy and peace that you have offered me. Thank you so very much.

Sending infinite blessings and unlimited love and light your way! <3

Hallie Pileiro


I just wanted to share some joyful news. Last year I recommended my friend also get a reading from you. She ended up getting one and I was so surprised at how accurate it described her in essence. Reading it just made me love her even more and see her in her true divinity. That she belonged to "the caring ones", having taken me in her home for 4 months and helping me in my life like no one ever has at that time. It was said that her highest path is working with children and counselling them as a path shower soul, and she has told me that she is now set on taking a social work/child and youth care program, and will be helping children who have had similar life experiences as she had. So I just wanted to say thanks from both of us! (Brianna Loft)

Dear Judith,

Thank you so much for my Soul Reading. I am reading and processing it everyday and something new reveals itself to me which I am ready to understand.
Your reading floored me and I cried of relief, happiness and such a deep understanding clicked into place who I am, a homecoming to myself which is mindblowing to say the least.
With every word I read, it was a confirmation of deep knowing that I had not been able to express fully myself yet as part of me whispered...'What if it is not true?'
Tears of gratitude for your gift which has already been lifechanging this past week. I am glad that I already had taken certain steps on my path to be in this space to receive 
and starting to remember more and more of what I am capable of. I write since last Summer and my stories had already taken a different turn from poetry to short stories, I now am 
finding more so each day that every story is a story of who I have once been and what my gifts and struggles had been and it is helping me to embrace lost aspects of myself.
It is a magical ride indeed! Thank you from the depths of my Soul, I have enrolled in your Soul Empowerment course immediately to walk the path I am being called to. (Marsha)

Today I had the most amazing phone call for a gentleman I met last month.  We were both taking a class last month and during the break got to talking.  After speaking with him for a few minutes, I strongly suggested that he seek out your website and get a soul reading from you.  Today he called to tell me about his reading.  I have not seen or spoken to him since that one class, but he reached out to share his reading with me because of how much it touched him.  I  have now had the pleasure of reading your soul readings for myself and four other people, and I felt the need today to tell you how much your work means to me and to the lives of the souls I know that you have touched.  Every reading is completely different in tone and message, but every single one of them describes the person it is about to a “T”.  This gentleman said that he now understands that the reason he took the class was so that he could meet me and I would lead him to you.  That put a huge smile on my face because it is my belief that moments like that are the moments that let us know that we are on the right path.  Keep being your amazing self and thank you for sharing your gift with the world.  (Heather Jones)

Oh Judith I did not expect all THIS!!! I KNOW the truth of this epic story as all aspects have appeared or influenced or informed this lifetime. I laughed and cried and goosebumps galore! Thank you darling Angel. Your work must be such Joy. Blessings to you and all on our amazing journey in this unprecedented moment! 

Hello Judith! You did a soul reading for me about 6 months ago! It felt so right! Like I was coming home...Thank you for your gift! I have had challenges since, but the reading has helped me find a core of strength that I never knew existed...My guides urged me today to let you know the impact that you make! I have Merlin and Metratron at my side so they will be verifying this with a bit of magic in your day! Sending lots of love and hope for us all! I own and operate a tiny pub in northern bc. canada and it is wild how many crystal and indigos find it! It is a magical energy and it reinforces who they are in their hearts. I truly love people, I have Mother energy, and many people need that! A lot of north american kids do not get as much as they need. I am meeting kids from all over the world, which is a miracle as this place is definitely not easy to find in the regular energy, but they find it 

Much love, light and blessings to youwith their radar..ha. Thank you for strengthening me. It is nice to reaffirm what I knew in my soul! Lots of love and hugs! You brighten our paths! You are in my heart. I love your posts! Have a beautiful day!  (Patrica Ann Martin)

I would just like to say a HUGE thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the beautiful Soul Reading you provided a couple of weeks ago. I did indeed read your words over and over again, purely because I couldn't help my self, as I wondered at the incredible truth contained within each letter. Deep in thought and contemplation I sat for many days and nights, (my husband Abubakar, also called Abu by friends, but called by myself Abba at his request as is tradition of his people, by my side, bubbling over with the same raw energy of truth and acknowledgement), feeling utterly reborn again. (4)

A lot to process here. I know I'm stepping into something grand. Thank you for the guidance on how to support this opening up to my seeing. Wow!  (3)

So many of the visions or dreams I have of places I've never been to in this life time, make perfect and utter sense. The African Savannah spreading out like a great expanse beneath the starlit skies as I ride a massive, thick furred, golden-white leopard, shimmering as the full moon, it's thick coat warm between my thighs, and I ride him like we are one. We are connected somehow as one. I'm seated high upon his back unshaken, unmoved. I wield a golden-white bow, pale as the brightest full moon it gleams also and yet I have no arrow. The bow I draw back and shoot high into the night sky, knowing I will not miss my mark, even though there is no arrow to be seen. From the height of heaven, descends a great and winding dragon/serpent, it's form more magnificent than any human eye has ever knowing, (the same golden-silver shimmering of the brightest and fullest moon, only much brighter and even more shimmering again), and he is quite fierce to behold and yet I fear him not at all, because he is all knowing and all powerful and I am his child and he calls to me my name, which until that moment my ears had never heard and yet I understood, "Hakora - Hakora Moon-dancer - Daughter of the Moon", before bowing his enormous, shimmering white-gold head in silence and snaking his way back into the glistening night sky. And of the proud and graceful Egyptian Jackal, who many might fear to see in their dreams, lingering within the shadows of trees or buildings in our current age, as an ever loving guardian to my self and those under my protection. Anubis, god of the underworld as many might know him or call him, but friend and guardian to mine and my beloved and in him is my comfort and love.And of the visions of the fields of Greece or somewhere close by there in the Mediterranean, and the humble villa where my current husband and I lived in peace and love, even in that life time of love, betrayed to my by one who would seek revenge upon my husband and I.

 Thank you so much Judith, for your precious Soul and the work you do. Even now I read your words and wonder at 'the Dream'. You are truly appreciated and loved. (Tania)

The list goes on and on....






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