Soul Empowerment: - Courses and Consultations

These courses are designed to raise your awareness of your own energy fields, activate the four body system, and anchor in the higher bodies, so that all 12 your bodies are activated on the completion of the whole set.  It puts you into touch with 352 levels of Divinity and opens up your soul’s ability to tap into the Super-consciousness field, step-by-step. 

I provide you with WRITTEN information via email once a week, plus a hour-long Skype teaching session.  As I am planning to extend this in 2015 to include live webinars instead of Skype sessions, this may change during the course of the year. 

The Soul Empowerment Course Levels I, II, III, and IV, are geared to give you tools for life, and to open up the Higher Transmitter Channels, so that you can clearly communicate with the Divine, and receive transmissions, for it opens up your transmitting channels, and helps to open up the channels, like satellites, between you and the Divine. 

Goddess Course:   The GODDESS energy course focuses on cleansing and clearing – and empowerment for women and focuses on clearing the sexual powerhouse and reconnecting to the Goddess within and reclaiming their power on all levels.  I am adding in a section on Sacred Sexuality and the give exercises on how to awaken that sacredness within yourself. 


"Between the "Mystic Rose Activation Seminar" Class, your book ("Why I was born in Africa: The previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom") and this class, (Goddess Energy Course) you’ve had such a profound impact on me spiritually and mentally. I cannot express how grateful I am that you have come into my life. I feel as if I understand what it finally means to have head and heart connected and to have faith. Before it was only one, or merely words - like you’re doing the motions with no meaning - lighting a fire, but no spark. Now I feel confident in who I am and have complete trust in me, the divine and universe. What you have done is prepare me for the current situation my family is going through. While I love my job, I am overworked and run ragged. To top it off, My mom was just diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Prior to you, I don’t know how I would have handled all of this. But now, I can. Thank you. I look forward to the many lessons learned from this course and look forward to signing up for your soul empowerment level one course too!"
Tears of gratitude - I am but here to serve in the highest ways I can for the highest good of all concerned, thank you and bless you! (J.K.)

Soul Empowerment Level III

The Level III Course is for those students who completed Soul Empowerment Levels I and II.Level III is all about the Higher Transmitter Channels and how to open them up further so that you can start t...

Higher Healing Sessions

The two Higher Healing Sessions, are geared to assist you to heal on a very deep and profound soul level. Session 1:  The Releasing of all Past and Present Lifes' vows, contracts, pacts, oaths, agreem...

Goddess Energy Course

How to reconnect and activate the GODDESS within and without: I have tweaked this course to include some of the material I used in my very successful seminars in France on Sacred Sexuality and the rec...

Soul Empowerment Level 1

Introduction to the Higher Realms: In this introductory Course, I introduce you to the 354 Levels of Divinity up to the Divine Source, and I give you tools to use for life, while opening up, slowly an...

Soul Empowerment Level 2

Level II adds to the foundations laid down by the Level I course and expands the Energy centers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies The 12 chakras and the opening up to the higher Tran...

The New Children Seminar Series

The New Children Seminars The 6-week course will concentrate on the New children and especially the Sun children, who have been born since 2012.Since the Second World War, the Cosmic Hierarchy working...