Soul Empowerment: - Courses and Consultations

These courses are designed to raise your awareness of your own energy fields, activate the four body system, and anchor in the higher bodies, so that all 12 your bodies are activated on the completion of the whole set.  It puts you into touch with 352 levels of Divinity and opens up your soul’s ability to tap into the Super-consciousness field, step-by-step. 

I provide you with WRITTEN information via email once a week, plus a hour-long Skype teaching session.  As I am planning to extend this in 2015 to include live webinars instead of Skype sessions, this may change during the course of the year. 

Goddess Course:   The GODDESS energy course focuses on cleansing and clearing – and empowerment for women and focuses on clearing the sexual powerhouse and reconnecting to the Goddess within and reclaiming their power on all levels.  I am adding in a section on Sacred Sexuality and the give exercises on how to awaken that sacredness within yourself. 

Abundance Course:  ABUNDANCE CONSCIOUSNESS COURSE, are for those who would love to get over blocks and fear of money and poverty consciousness – therefore not valuing themselves and their own worth.