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Judith Küsel presents

The Keys and Codes of Illumination!

Seminars 2020: Sedona and Mount Shasta    

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Sedona:  30 August – 1 September 2020

Awakening the Sacred Keys and Codes with the Soul:  The Crystal Pyramids, Sun Discs, Serpent Mounds, Lightning Rod, and Sacred Energy.

Introductory 2-hour evening Presentation plus 2-day seminars.

During this seminar I will provide the hidden and sacred knowledge to you, so that your deepest soul memory banks and the innate remembering of your own soul can be awakened, so that you can navigate the immense earth changes and dimensional shifts, and shifts in consciousness from 2020 – 2034 and the harmonic conversion in 2021.  I will touch on the incredible, unknown heritage of the Americas as held within the sacred energetic memory banks of the Soul of the Land, the Soul of the Tribal Peoples, and Soul of the Collective. The seminar will close with the full activation of the keys and codes of 7th Dimensional Awakening of the SOUL and Illumined Consciousness state.

Mount Shasta:  25 – 27 September 2020:

The Sacred Awakening of the Hidden Keys and Codes of Illumination of the 7th Dimensional State: - The Triple Sun Discs, the Winged Rainbow Serpent, The Rainbow Tribes, the Pyramids and the New Golden Age.

Introductory 2-hour evening Presentation plus 2-day seminars.

I provide insight and understanding into the Higher Meaning of the Sun Discs, the Fires of Illumination of the 7th Central Sun, the Keys and Codes of Illumination within you.  The Winged Rainbow Serpent returned and the full return of the Rainbow Nations and Tribes, the Rising and activation of the Pyramids etc.   We go deeply into the keys and codes now being released, as the Lemurian Consciousness rises, and massive portals open with the rising of the 7th dimensional state – the original dimensional state of Planet Earth.  The Rising of the New Golden Age.  I will be focusing on the USA and its relatively unknown heritage with regards to the above.

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