Mission Statement: To serve mankind in all and every way I can, with truthfulness, authenticity, and integrity as best I can. To learn and teach at the Highest Levels, to open up the Ancient Energy Centers and to transmit the Ancient Knowledge and Wisdom into writing and share with the world. Most of all to be a huge Beacon of Love and Light to the world

Judith Küsel was born in Paulpietersburg, a little village in the northwestern parts of KwaZulu- Natal, South Africa. This has always been a much disputed area and her ancestors had been involved in the forging of history there. As a part of the British Colony of Natal, and with references of Col. Sir Evelyn Wood in his diary of having splendid dinners in her ancestral great-great father’s home in Luneburg, the subsequent Anglo-Zulu and Anglo-Boer Wars vented havoc in the area. Both wars reflecting the innate and intense power struggles amongst the different stake holders and the racial divides of her country at that time.

A happy and carefree first years of childhood, time was mostly spent outdoors in the vast extended property of her parents. Here she could explore to her heart’s desire all the joys of the life in a rural village. Her family was born explorers and loved going for weekend and other trips, exploring the Hinterland of Natal and Zululand. Her father loved to talk to the Zulus and Swazis, and loved sharing these stories with his children. Her ancestors were involved with the Hermannsburg Mission amongst the Zulus, and one of her ancestors befriended both the Zulu King Panda and the Swazi King and built homes for both – thus being spared the burning of their homestead during the Anglo-Zulu war.

The love for exploring roads less travelled and beyond the norm would repeat itself later in life – albeit in a different form.
Starting off in the Natal Provincial Library Services, she at first worked in a technical Library for architects, engineers and quantity surveyors, and then the quest for more adventure led her to work in the Travelling Library, first the Natal Midlands and Pietermaritzburg, then in Northern Natal. She experienced the vastness, the beauty, the culture and mystery of the hinterland of Zululand and Natal and thoroughly enjoyed visiting the numerous game reserves e.g. Mkuze etc. Often the camps were fully booked and because there were libraries in these outposts, they were invited to stay over as guests with one of the game rangers, who shared their encounters with wildlife and poachers with them, spinning great yarns.

Working with books and delving ever deeper into the proverbial gold mine of information contained therein, her quest for knowledge and the very mystery called life, knew no bounds. Her inner awakening had started in earnest, yet still within the goldmine of books.
Being so passionate about her work, she soon rose in the ranks and was offered a post as Librarian in the Public Libraries, first Glencoe and then Dundee.
Her love for community work found its outlets in numerous fundraising efforts, which were so innovative and different, that it attracted media attention: Arts and Crafts Festivals, Mardi Gras, and then with the commemoration of the Anglo-Boer War, an historical carnival at the Talana Museum, just outside Dundee. She was interviewed on this occasion by the SABC radio station and appeared on International TV. Coverage of the event in the Natal and the national paper hailed it as very successful, attracting visitors from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, USA and Britian, with well over a thousand people attending the festivities.
She later appeared in a BBC documentary on the eve of the commemoration of the Battle of Talana, as part of a ghost tour. An article on this was published in the “Odyssey Magazine Ezine”.

Her dedication for service excellence and her preparedness to go the extra mile brought about a vast increase in the circulation figures of both the public libraries and they had to be extended. She was asked to address the Library conferences in Pietermaritzburg twice on fundraising for Libraries and organizing children’s programs, e.g. story hours and toured the province to teach other Librarians how to implement these. She was acknowledged on numerous occasions as being one of the best Librarians in Natal at that time.

She was often asked to give inspirational talks to women and young adults in the community and was involved with women’s forums.
In 2004, her life fell apart at the seams. During this time affirmative action meant that suddenly she found herself a pawn in chess games played by certain political parties in Natal. After winning the subsequent court case she was not reinstated, but had to deal with death threats etc. because of newspaper coverage and public outrage at what happened.

Heading for a nervous breakdown and know that she had reached the end of the road, she resigned in May 2008. She decided to live her dream and find out why she had been born in Africa and write the book that she had always dreamt of writing one day. She did not wish to die with her dreams still within her.
As the darkest nights of the soul descended upon her, she decided to write the book and then to take her own life and end it all.
Realizing that she would need help to heal; her dream of attending a “Breakthrough Experience” seminar with Dr. John Demartini in Sandton came true. Attending subsequent seminars she healed on many levels.
During this time she had the privilege of attended the Leadership Conference in Sandton, and was able to listen to Richard Branson, and another dream came true.

In September 2009 she embarked on a journey in the Southeastern parts of South Africa, in order to retrieve vital information for the planet in answer of her question, why she had been born in Africa. Her travels brought her to discover amazing things and had mind-boggling experiences along the way.
Her quest for adventure had her teaching English and Kindergarten in Doha, Qatar for a year. This proved to be a massive learning curve, and she finally understood why a lot of the great Masters had to sojourn into the desert in order to gain deeper understanding and delve ever deeper within.
When she returned to Africa in 2011 her appreciation and love for her own country and people knew no bounds. Most of all she cherished her freedom as a woman.

In the last few years, by sharing her inspirational writings and the experiences of Africa on the Internet, via Face book, her Word press blog, her website and YouTube videos, she has reached thousands globally.
Her ability to tap into the Super-consciousness field and to read soul records has culminated in her Twin flame and soul readings, which have assisted souls globally to understand themselves better and most of all to start living soul empowered lives.
Her highest aspiration is to return the ancient and lost knowledge and technology to the planet with her writings and Master Key books, and to teach people how to tap into the Super-consciousness field.

Her first book “Soul Empowerment” is on sale in eBook, and printed versions elsewhere.

This will be followed by a series of six life empowerment books and the “Why I was born in Africa” which will focus on the recorded and true history of Africa, and the crystal pyramids.