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This book covers Judith’s ultimate Journey to rediscover the Sacred Grail, when she returned to France where her soul had lived out so many incarnations. Her quest took her north, to open the ancient energy centers and to activate the ancient sun discs, sungates and the Crystal Pyramids, as the true history of Avalon reveals itself and the three High Orders of the Druids.  The sun temple in Versailles.   Mary Magdalene and her legacy, the "Pure Ones", Cathars and Templars.  

Her journey of recollection began in 2004,when a deep soul memory bank was evoked, when she saw a familiar protagonist in a priest’s brown habit, singing the psalter, while she was burnt at the stake with five Knights Templars. “Why was I burnt at the stake with five Knights Templars?  What had I done?  Why was I the only woman among five knights, and particularly knights of that order?”

Journey alongside her as she reopens the Spinal Columnof the World, reactivating the Crystal Pyramids and Crystalline Pyramids Grids as recorded in her book “Why I was born in Africa:  the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom.”  In this book the work continues as she unlocks the hidden story of Avalon unveiling ancient truths. 

As Avalon awakens and the three High Orders of the Druids, the Golden City of the High Order of Bards, the Standing Stones in Carnac, the journey continues in Southern France, as she vividly recalls her oath to her father, in Cathar times, to safeguard the ancient manuscripts, the knowledge, and the hidden secrets the Cathars held, with the help of the Templars. For three families held the Grail, and these three families indeed held the keys to all else!

Step by step the truth of what happened then, reveals itself and the story of three women emerge, which will touch the depths of your heart and soul, and trigger the deepest remembrance.  It is the story of the greatest genocide which ever occurred, as the Cathars and Templars stood side by side, to safeguard what they could for exactly this momentous time we are living in.

This book is multi-dimensional, as the ancient feminine soul of France, reveals itself! Witness the return of the Feminine Christ led by Mary Magdalene alongside Jeshua and the rebirth of New Golden Age of Love. This book will trigger many soul memory banks and keys and codes, as together we ascend into the New Earth and co-create the New Golden Age with love!

This is a beautifully illustrated A4 Coffee Table book, filled with Judith's own photos and sketches, as well as journal entries.

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Judith is a visionary – a light being extraordinaire with a huge global following as an Inspirational Writer, Pyramid Crystalline Grid Activator, and her Soul Readings have positively impacted on the lives of thousands of recipients. She taps into the cosmic Super-consciousness fields to bring forth the Ancient Cosmic knowledge.

She has published 3 bestselling books: “Soul Empowerment”; “Why I was born in Africa: the previously untold history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom”;  “An Ode to Love:  True Love and Sacred Union”, with 3 more in the offing and delivers online webinars and courses regularly.  She also delivered seminars and led tours in France, Greece and Egypt.

She is on a quest to facilitate and lead the rebirth and reintegration of the ancient wisdom with the new divine, to usher in the New Golden Age and the New Earth. Born in Africa, she is particularly in tune with the growing relevance of the ancient secrets and wisdom found here. She is actively assisting the energetic rebirth of the earth, with her reopening of the Ancient Energy Centers, as she taps into the Super Consciousness Energy Field transmitting this information.


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