Soul Empowerment


Soul Empowerment is a book unlike any other that you will find on this topic, mainly because it delves ever deeper into who and what soul is, and what makes a soul unique and special within the greater cosmic creative framework.

Furthermore it goes into soul groups, soul tonal chords, the galaxies of origin and soul colors.

Twin-flames are being pulled together in unprecedented ways never experienced on this planet before, yet these relationships have their own unique challenges. Thus this book dives very deeply into the hidden meaning of the twins reuniting at this time, and the marrying of opposites: - as much as these two are alike, they are also total opposites and thus will spark alchemical reaction.

The book delves into the untold and unrecorded history of planet earth, the galaxies involved in the first experiment of life on planet earth, and names the 12 Master Galaxies involved with this first civilization on earth. Furthermore it delves deeply into the realms of soul relationships, not only twin flames, but also soul groups, love and loving.

This is revolutionary and ground-breaking knowledge that Judith has taken upon herself to return to planet earth, to raise the conscious awareness of mankind globally.

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