Soul Empowerment Level 2


Level II adds to the foundations laid down by the Level I course and expands the Energy centers of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies

The 12 chakras and the opening up to the higher Transmitter channels via the Soul Star.

Opening up the Stellar Gateway and Earth Star so that you can receive and tap into the higher cosmic realms and own your cosmic citizenship.

 Building the Antakarana Bridge. 

The 12 Master Cosmic rays, the 72 Names of the Divine, and the higher levels of understanding Divinity, as well as the 354 levels thereof.

As the third eye is activated more and more, I also include how to channel in this course.

Working with the emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies and their energy fields.

6 x weeks course @ $84 U.S. Dollars per week  
Total:  $500

SPECIAL DISCOUNT:  If you book all 4 you will qualify for a 15% discount, plus an additional FEELING GOOD higher healing session with me!

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