The Divine Imprint

The Divine Imprint


The Divine Imprint Course brings your the deepest insight and wisdom of Divine Love in all its aspects, forms and expression.  It goes deeply into the Divine Imprint upon your own soul as it journeys through the Cosmos in multiple lives and Universal existence.

More than this, it is the Book of Divine Love as imprinted within every soul.

This course will trigger the deepest re-mem-brance within us, as Divine Love, Light, Power reveals itself with the purest Wisdom, as we fully embrace the truth of who and what we are in truth: - at soul level as we become more and more aware and fully embrace the Universal Christ Consciousness and the Power of Love in every form, being and expression thereof.

The course focusses on accelerated ascension which we are entering now. 

The Course starts on the 9 October 2023.  

Registration Fee:  $550.00 U.S. Dollars. 

Duration:  6 weeks.

Fee includes 6 written lessons sent to you via email and a weekly Zoom session which is recorded.  You will thus receive a written lesson every week as well as a Zoom session which includes meditation/visualization/activation and often I transmit Divine messages as well. 

US $550.00

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