The White Flame of Illumination Level 4 Course

The Level IV Course continues the series of lessons on the White Flame, and the cosmic knowledge it contains. 

The White Flame is the Divine Mother Flame and thus the highest and purest of all Cosmic Flames and has now been returned to planet earth.  It is the Flame of Ascension.

Every lesson has within in tools to accelerate your ascension process enormously and indeed provide the deeper and higher understanding of what the 5th to 7th dimensional state is, attaining Christ Consciousness, experiencing Omnipotence, Omnipotence, and Omniscience in the highest degrees, as we work on everhigher levels with the Divine Mother Flame.

The course starts the first week in May 2022.

The course includes 6 weekly lessons which will be emailed to you every Monday, and then a Zoom teaching session every Wednesday, which includes a meditation or a visualization and transmission.

Duration:  6 weeks

Cost:  $500.00 U.S. Dollars


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