Questions and Answers on SOUL, Soul Frequencies, Vibrations, Genetics, etc.

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The main reason my soul has incarnated is to raise the conscious awareness of humanity and to reconnect people to their souls - thus the higher soul self.

Most people are stuck in the lower self, which is essentially is that of survival.  It is here that one is bent on survival that one operates on the lower, animal instincts, and not in the space of the Higher Mind and Soul.

That is when fear, depression, inertia, the inability to move beyond those self-imposed boundaries come to the fore.  The person feels itself separated from God, from other human beings, from life itself. 

When one reconnects at soul level, and one finally understands that one is soul before one is physical form, and that soul is endless, boundless, cosmic, then all within starts changing.

What really changes is the AWARENESS within - which in turn raises the conscious frequency band and reactivates the inherent soul.

I am often asked questions regarding the SOUL and its cosmic journeys, and here are some questions that I am going to answer here as best I can:

NB:  Your soul has its own soul name = vibrational frequency, soul group name, galaxy of origin, tonal chord (sound vibrational frequency) and soul Colors (Light Vibrational Frequency).

I saw your article about soulmates and soul groups via the Awakened Vibrations tumblr page. I have a few questions (for clarification purposes)

 1. Because your DNA and frequency are related; is your maternal line your soul group?

In most cases the mother acts as the “carrier” soul, in other words at some level she volunteers to bring in the soul hovering around her body for conceptions purposes. So, in a sense, yes, but not always so and not necessarily so. 

I know that in my own case I have been told that I chose my mother specifically because of her inherent genetic make-up and because of DNA. However, my father’s and mother’s family have always intermarried each other, so there again, the DNA and genetic lineage was in any case present in BOTH my parents. 

When I researched my mother’s lineage, some very interesting facts started emerging, which took me right back to Egypt. It was then that I understood, as I had past incarnations in Egypt, that somehow this was linked. But how it is linked, and why, I do not know. All I know is that I was told it has to do with the frequency of the soul and its ability to adapt to physical form in a lifetimes and thus with what has been programmed into the carrier cells.

Interestingly a few years ago, I for a while was involved in a group where the leader of the group was part of a group of people who were absolutely obsessed with genetic lineage and soul incarnating. In this then it was something like, if you could not remember past lives and your genetic history did not fit in, and then you could not become part of the inner circles. In that there was a lot of jealousy and rivalry – something totally not in higher alignment with the work the souls had come in to do and be. I withdrew from this group, mainly because I felt that they were kind-of missing the boat and that this has lead to some control methods within the group. Not all have been Akhenaton’s and Nefertiti’s in those lifetimes – even if they think they were. In the end there was fighting about who was who in those lifetimes and to me this truly is not a necessary quotient for higher service.

No matter who you were in a past life, if you continue with the old negative patterns you created somewhere along the line, you are not going to grow on soul level, and most importantly not truly LIVE your highest soul purpose in this lifetime because you are living in a past reality. 

However during my soul readings the following has emerged as a type of general thread: 

If the soul has karmic links to the parents, both father and mother, it will chose them according to the soul lessons it has come in to master. 

It will, before it incarnates, hover around the mother and any prospective partner. I believe that sometimes such meetings are kind of orchestrated at some level, so that the correct mixture of DNA and genetics can mix. But not always so.

I have read some very interesting material around this and Ancient Mystery Schools (and been given information via my own Soul Sources) and how they orchestrated this, knowing exactly which methods to use, in order to produce certain pure offspring and lineages. But this we have more or less forgotten about – within these were immaculate conceptions (which were not immaculate at all in the higher sense for there was a male involved, who was carefully chosen for the task, and most often on the same soul level, or rank of the SOUL and consciously so. Often such sacred marriages took place within the group and therefore known within the group).

Sometimes souls within a physical family group have some past life issues to resolve, sometimes not. The family dynamic is to teach us massive lessons in unconditional love and acceptance, and therefore you will have all the different characters within one family, which will truly push your buttons to the very core. They will NOT be of the same soul group, but will consist of souls from other soul groups as well – again the lessons of unconditional love. 

All this is assisting the higher soul growth of the soul. However you will always be drawn back to your original soul group at some stage in your life. 

I have found that some soul groups have families systems ingrained within, but they do not always incarnate within one single family unit on planet earth. They will meet each other at ordained times during the course of life to work together at some stage, or in whatever form that might take.

Some souls have worked together for many lifetimes towards the greater awakening of the conscious awareness of mankind and have been drawn together again in the last few years, mainly because of soul contracts and to continue and complete the work here..

Then there are the new souls now incarnating who are the new prototypes and have had no karmic links with the planet whatsoever. They are by no means the only ones as this has happened quite a few times during the course of this planet’s Ancient History, as new prototypes were introduced. 

The New Souls will select parents according to their light quotient or vibrational frequencies, while the ones beforehand more or less chose parents who would assist their life paths – but often this proved to be somewhat of a gamble, as the parents themselves were struggling to cope with life, and more or less lost the plot themselves as they sank into the sea of forgetfulness.

So, yes, genetic lineage plays a role with some soul, and with others not. 
However the new prototypes are genetically programmed and already set up on cell level, before they incarnate. I don’t quite know how this happens, but what I do know is that the mother and father are prepared at some level before conception, and then as soon as the egg is fertilized and within the first six weeks, there is intense genetic modification going on. That continues within the next three months, as the child’s soul connects with the mother and father, and then the whole emotional state of both will influence the child even before it is born.

To be consciously aware, if you wish to create children, is to be aware of the state of your relationship with your partner, if this is true love or not, and then to be very aware of your state of mind, and your general state of conscious Being. If you are ready to truly bring in these souls on a much higher frequency level, then rather settle for the old souls who have had karmic links with the planet before.


 2. Are the people you're most genetically similar to (your highest relation on a gene test) your soul group?

I am not a medical scientist and until medical science gives us answers I cannot answer that.   It would mean that one would have to identify each soul group (there are millions) and then genetically test every single person on this planet and then kind of try to collate the two.)

What I do know from all the soul readings I have done, is that as every single soul has its own vibrational frequency as held within its soul name that will synchronize with that of the Soul Group.  It you think of a symphony orchestra – each instrument brings in a unique sound and vibrational frequency, but if they all combine into one single melody, they enhance each other.  So it is with the souls within a Soul Group.

By meeting with those of my own soul group I have found immense similarities – that of immense and very high intelligence, vibrational soul frequency, and illumination.  To me it therefore makes sense that our genetic make-up and cell frequency bands match at some level.   I don’t know if one could ascertain this in some way, but remember that that the physical body is a mere instrument being used by the soul for a very short timeframe space, and therefore is discarded when the soul work has been done.

So how one would test the genes in combination with soul, I don’t know.  I am not a medical scientist.  Maybe someone will take up the challenge.  Eric Lazlo writes a lot about this subject of soul and consciousness, but how one would measure this in the form of genetic material: - well maybe science will catch up to this in some form.

I was attending a Seminar “Empyreance” by Dr. John Demartini, where he went into the human cell.  It was a revelation in itself to me, how the cell is an intelligent Being and therefore has been masterfully constructed – and is an immensely intricate type of cosmic intelligent living and breathing entity on its own (at least that is how I see it).  What if within the human cell, there is a higher Mastermind at work, which can change that or orchestrate the whole genetic lineages within and how this all links up.  I do believe that this is already happening – we human beings are just not aware of this.

 As only a fraction of the soul incarnates onto the planet at one time, the other soul parts are still intact and working in other galaxies and star systems.  So, it will be difficult to try and pinpoint this, but I believe that science and metaphysics will meet at some point (already do) and we will gain greater scientific understanding of the soul in the next 50 years or so.

 3. Is there a way to quantify what your vibrational frequency is (personal and group)?

When I do soul readings I tap into the Superconsciousness Energy Field, which is pure energy. 

All information from all of Creation is stored in one central Consciousness Energy Field – thus is pure vibrational frequency as manifest in energy. 

Your soul name therefore is pure vibrational frequency of ENERGY.

I have to translate that energy that is your soul into the form of language and words, which is very difficult to do, as the human language is very primitive and a lower vibrational energy form, than that of the Super Consciousness energy fields and that of your own soul. 

Essentially all of life consists of pure energy, and then the energy of sound, and other frequency bands.

We human beings are still in the remembering phase of our cosmic heritage. 

As said above, the soul vibrational frequency, is incorporated, or rather amplified and enhanced by the Soul Group vibrational frequency band, which in turn then is a GREATER COSMIC SYMPHONY of the OCTAVES of frequency bands incorporated within one single soul group unit.

However some soul groups combine to form an even greater version of that!

How one would quantify that I do not know.

Again, I am not a scientist.  I merely transmit the Superconsciousness energy field that I tap into; into a form (language) human beings can understand.

I am quite open to any scientist who wishes to read my soul readings, and make lists of soul group names etc. and then wishes to study this in whatever way to add to the human scientific awareness of the SOUL and its energetic frequency bands.


 4. How can I find what "color ray" I emit?

My Soul Reading gives the colors that your soul vibrates to or rather at.

I know there are many people who say that are blue ray, or whatever.  I am not into that, for essentially the soul consists of more than one color ray and most human beings cannot see the other cosmic rays, because of the limitation of human understanding of the soul. 

I personally am not interested in what color ray I am, for I know on which frequency bands my soul operates, and what we understand as human colors, is the very limited range of colors we know, as in human terms and what our limited eyesight can discern.  However cosmically there are many more colors and hues of colors, frequencies and vibration frequencies of color and sound, that we human beings do not even know of nor are aware of.

Color and sound go in OCTAVES of vibrational being, and therefore, again to limit this in human terms is to do a great injustice to what is Cosmic Creation!

There are some physics that can see that and if you truly wish to know then go and find someone who will give that to you or ask deep inside of yourself where all the answers are held.  

It is always good to find your own answers and you own truth!


5. You mentioned you can tell if someone’s from your group, or just read them, by looking in their eyes. When I look into people's eyes it sorta almost hurts me or makes me uncomfortable (undiagnosed aspic). Are there any other methods?
Ninqi Stratton

Every soul has an innate knowing which is always present.  The more your inner soul self is developed, and your inner Knowing, the more consciously aware you become, the more you will intuitively know. 

I live in Africa, where there are many cultures, and many traditions as held within cultures. 

I once went for training in communicating between cultures.  It proved very interesting, for we, who stem from the Western Cultural setting, are taught to maintain eye contact, as our eyes will communicate our truth in some way.  If people avert their eyes, or cannot look you in the eye, we read that as shiftiness or somehow lying.

In certain African cultures though, it is considered bad manners to look someone in the eye, especially if that someone is not from your culture, or is of a higher social rank than yourself.  So, there then the eyes portray a different kind of understanding that is inherent in Western understanding of eye contact and respect.

If you have problems in looking people in the eyes, in all probability you are highly intuitive, and read the ENERGY emitted by that person in front of you.  A lot of the New Children being born since 1950’s are highly sensitive to other people’s energy fields, and as the eyes emit energy (ever come across people who have laser-like eyes that seem to look right into your soul?) you probably read the INNER soul of the person in their eyes, and if they are not congruent to what you are intuitively “reading” you tend to shrink from it (hurt) because you read their truth.

Now that is nothing new.  For in African cultures, it is known that one can intuitively read a person’s soul.  I grew up amongst the Zulu Culture, and they will give you a “name’ which will describe your character to the TEE, for they will intuitively read you character and this will not be your given name, for their name for you.   My father often used to talk about this, and how amazingly accurate the Old Zulus were to ‘read” your character in this way.

I personally am able to “read” people, even if just looking at their photographs. 

It is just something that is there deep inside of you, and with those of your soul group, it is like you just KNOW.  It is like you have known them forever – and you have.  On meeting certain souls I just had spontaneous past life recalls, which just kind of ‘happened”, not because I consciously asked for it, but because my soul memory banks were being triggered.

Your soul is contracted to meet certain souls during your lifetime, and you will find that the triggers go off somewhere within you and most often this is by looking into their eyes, for truly the soul reflects through the eyes.

As for other methods?  Each person is differently programmed and wired.  Go deep within yourself and ask yourself how you can do this.

Some people will just know.  Some will kind of have some visual confirmation, like seeing a TV screen.  Some will just “hear” the inner voice.  Some will have a combination of all of this.

Find your own truth.

And you can only find this by being willing to listen deep inside of yourself for answers.  Your soul always KNOWS.  It is the mental chatter that shuts out the voice of the heart and soul.

(Judith Kusel)