The New Children Part 8

The New Children - My experiences

New chilren 8The New Children: Part 8

I care very deeply about these children, and nothing would give me greater joy than to try and help them to spread their light into the world and to help them – so that their true genius will be identified, and nurtured from a very early age.

In the last few days I have had a great inner call to really make this my call in the next few years – albeit over and above the finishing of the trilogy that I am in the process of writing. Yet, I find that I am being pushed to help these children and in a strange way, the research and information I have for my books, tie in with these children – in fact, it is one and the same!

It could be the fact that I am one of first volunteer star children, myself. I have always had this great sense of not fitting into the norm – something that has brought me more heartache in this world than I care to remember. I often see things from a cosmic view, which is way ahead of time, and it frustrates me no end that others cannot see this. Yet, there has been a great shift recently, and more people have opened up to the alternative ways of thinking as the whole perception of who and what we really are, is changing.

As Librarian I have had to pick up after these children, perhaps more so than any other. In me they often found a kindred spirit, the only one who oft could understand their frustrations and try to help them to cope. I sensed a deep type of despair – as they were being forced into becoming something that they inherently were not!

I have a lot of teachers as friends, and I often asked them if they do not understand that these children are different and that the educational system is lagging behind. It needs a whole revolutionary way of thinking. These children need more attention and freedom to explore than any before them .

The answers always came back to the fact, that they did sense this, indeed felt the same, but working for educational institutions brings with it also the added yoke of having to teach within a set framework and they were simply being over-worked themselves and too busy with administrative work and getting these children, somewhat forcefully through school themselves. They often lamented on the fact, that their own performances were tested against how many children made the grade.... So, then the added pressure to conform themselves, within a set framework or curriculum. Eventually they just give up!

Add to this that the parents often are too busy climbing the corporate ladder or keeping up with Jones’s to understand that love cannot be bought by money – and that spending time with these children – quality time – is often far more important than actually buying them all the gadgets that have just come onto the market. A lot of parent just put them in front of the TV or whatever to get them out of their hair – AND THE CHILDREN KNOW THIS!

They often complained to me about their parents. I understand that one has to survive financially on this planet – but often the inner journeys of the heart and soul are neglected and the children feel this intensely. They yearn for that loving touch, the fact that there is someone to talk to, or will simply sit and listen to what they are trying to tell.

I have often ended up doing just that. I would sometimes just wander around the Library, and find them in tears in the corner. I simply sat myself down and asked them what it was they were crying about. The stories told saddened me no end. I would just simply take them in my arms and try and soothe the bewilderment and pain away. I was left speechless as I simply could not provide answers as to why grown-ups sometimes acted the way they did.

“If only they would love and accept me for who and what I am and not try and change me into something that I am not!” This statement came to the fore time and again, and one that I had asked myself for as long as I could care to remember.....

Is it not sad that we often stand at graves and put down fresh flowers, weep tears of regret .... when in real life, those closest to us are in great need for our unconditional love and attention, yet we never let them know how much we care about them? Rather give unconditional love and attention to those nearest and dearest to you while they are still alive and on this planet, than lamenting about it when they have suddenly gone!

Treasure what you have! Tell them that you love them just the way they are..... They do not know it just because they belong to you – they are on loan to you, yes, but belong to you they do not – and they want to hear and feel that you do care about them – and love them just the way they are!